Understanding the NESI Hardware

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Hardware Overview

One of the first things each team will need to do is develop a good understanding of NESI Board's functional capabilities. In this section, the NESI Development team has provided a narrated video of slides that provide an overview of the NESI Board from a hardware perspective. The NESI Hardware Overview presentation should be carefully reviewed by each student team.

NESI Hardware Overview



The most basic form of how the NESI Board works can be accessed in the PDF version of the NESI Board Schematic. This contains most of the information you will need to understand the NESI Board and should be consulted first if you have any questions.

Bill of Materials

The NESI Board Version 1.2 BoM contains a complete parts list of all components used on the NESI Board.

Hardware Overview

The NESI hardware was explained in the video at the top of this page. If you need to consult the information again you can view the video more than once or open the Hardware Overview PowerPoint.

Physical Description

The NESI Board is a 4 layer PCB of FR4 material. The physical dimensions are 90mm x 80mm with a thickness of 0.062".

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