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Thank You!

The NESI Development Community and NASA Hunch eXtreme Science Program would like to thank the following for their contributions:

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Dr. Florence Gold

The NESI development community would like to give our utmost appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Gold. She is the most integral part of our collaboration with NASA HUNCH Extreme Science. Her official title is NASA HUNCH Extreme Science and Implementation Project Manager. This position involves mentoring schools across the nation in the design, fabrication, and documentation of microgravity experiments that fly on the Zero G plane each April. The Implementation program involves students fabricating videos about ISS payloads and the upkeep and expansion of the NASA HUNCH web page at Dr. Gold puts in countless hours doing work behind the scenes that may seem to go unnoticed at times so we would like to give her a huge thank you for everything she has done.

Advanced Circuits

We wish to thank Forrest Arndt and Advanced Circuits for providing us with an academic discount towards the NESI Board PCB order that will provide each team with a NESI Board.


We would like to thank Mark McComb and his Microchip team for providing the PIC 24 Microcontrollers and PICkit programmers for the HUNCH eXtreme Science High School Teams.


The NESI Development Community would like to thank all the folks at NanoRacks who have made the dream of many high school students a reality. Special thanks to Mr. Michael Johnson for all of his support and encouragement in designing and development of the NESI Board for use in the NanoLab eXtreme Science eXperiments.


Thanks to Warren Young for the great soldering videos that are available from the web site. Making sure that the high school students are correctly populating the through-hole components on their NESI boards will increase student ownership and provide a reliable monitoring, control and communications capability for their experiemnt.

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