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NASA HUNCH NESI Development Community

Getting Started

This page will walk you through the first steps your team will need to take once you have received your NESI Board. Here you will find various videos ranging from how to set up and configure your software development environment to the basics of soldering. Other helpful information on the Getting Started Page will let you know what else you will need besides the NESI Board and links to where you can buy parts that we recommend.

Understanding the NESI Hardware

Each team will need to develop an understanding of the Hardware on the NESI Board. This page contains an overview of the NESI Board functionality and other useful information such as a PDF version of the schematic and the Bill of Materials.

Understanding the NESI Software

Once you have a basic understanding of the NESI Hardware you will need the ability to control that hardware. This page walks you through the NESI Software to monitor and control your NESI experiment.

Example Project

The Example Project page takes you step-by-step through the process of integrating the NESI Board with your experiment. It is composed of two main sections of equal importance: hardware and software. Each is broken down into steps that take you from an idea to a successful NESI controlled experiment. We recommend you follow the procedure very closely to assist you along the way.

Previously Used Peripherals

The Previously Used Peripherals page will contain a library of hardware peripherals that have been used on the NESI Board in the past. This may be helpful to your team if you are unsure of a specific sensors/actuator to use for your experiment.

Current Projects

The Current Projects Page contains information about each NASA Hunch eXtreme Science High School Team that is currently working on a NESI controlled experiment.

Past Projects

The Past Projects page contains information about each NASA Hunch eXtreme Science High School Team that was at one point working on a NESI controlled experiment.

Recognition of Contribution

A number of different people have supported the NASA Hunch eXtreme Science program and the NESI development community. Collectively, we would like to show our appreciation for what they have done to support our efforts to provide high school students with this opportunity.


The Frequently Asked Questions page will host a list of questions the NESI development team is commonly asked.


A forum will be held on this page allowing the many teams of the NESI community to interact with each other and see what other teams are doing on their projects. Along with providing the teams the ability to interact, the forum will be used for students to help other teams if they have experienced similar obstacles on their project.

Request a Board

On the Request a Board page you can find more information on what to do if you are interested in using the NESI Board with the NASA HUNCH program.

Contact Us

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