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On the International Space Station, or command modules, if a crucial part were to break it would be very difficult to repair. A 3D printer would require too much time (anywhere from 15 minutes to a few days), it would require too much space to keep replacement parts aboard, and delivery from Earth to the ISS could take too much time and be costly. Currently, there is no process to safely manufacture new parts onboard quickly. Our team is looking at a possible solution to this by creating a new way to make parts by furthering the research acquired during “Three Dimensional Magnetic Modeling with Ferrofluid” (Jackson Hole High School HUNCH 2012-2013). They successfully manufactured a washer in a zero gravity environment using ferrowax and a washer shaped magnet. We plan to expand on their experiment by implementing a magnetic array to create different, more complex shapes in under a minute. We will use the same material that our team used last year, ferrowax. Our project would also be small enough to put on other space stations and vehicles other than just the ISS to be used for many different purposes. Our magnetically modeled part would be a quick solution, even if it’s just temporary, to help solve problems faced by astronauts onboard the ISS and other, more compact, space vehicles.


The Jackson Hole PowerPoint contains all the information about their project including a Functional Block Diagram, Storyboard and other information specific to their experiment.

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