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As the brave men and women of the Earth continue to explore the great mystery known as space they have a simple problem, keeping track of their tools. Our task: develop a tracking system to help find lost tools and to prevent tools from floating away. Through the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags and the provided micro controller, we believe we can accomplish this task. RFID tags can be attached to specific objects and tools due to their small presence. The RFID tags can then be tracked by an RFID reader attached to the microcontroller. Based on whether or not the reader detects the tag, the microcontroller will activate LED lights to alert the astronaut that an object is drifting away. Testing this system in the microgravity environment in which so many tools are lost is crucial. As ambitious as our project is, we hope for it to one day help astronauts in their pioneering of the next final frontier.


The East Troy PowerPoint contains all the information about their project including a Functional Block Diagram, Storyboard and other information specific to their experiment.

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