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Lubrication is a necessity for mechanical systems to run efficiently and with minimal wear, and this holds true in microgravity. Our goal in this experiment is to create an apparatus to effectively test lubricant efficiency in microgravity. We will prove the experiment’s testing capabilities instead of simply collecting data for multiple lubricants. To do this, we will use a control and one lubricant. There will be two sets without a lubricant and two sets with the same lubricant. The data we collect in microgravity will show little to no variation within each of the two sets but will show a distinct variation between them. This demonstrates consistency of data for the experiment as well as the ability to test lubricant effectiveness. The data for this proof will be calculated by an encoder monitoring rpms of the driven gear in our system. This data collection and experimental set up will prove the apparatus’s effectiveness for calculating lubricant efficiency in microgravity for future testing by us or NASA.


The Eaglecrest PowerPoint contains all the information about their project including a Functional Block Diagram, Storyboard and other information specific to their experiment.

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