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Clear Creek High School

Clear Springs High School 3rd period

Clear Springs High School 4th period

Council Rock High School

Eaglecrest High School

East Troy High School

Fairport High School

Governor's School of Science and Technology AM

Governor's School of Science and Technology PM

Jackson Hole High School

Lakewood High School

North Carolina School of Science and Math

Overland High School

Tri-County Regional Vocation Tech

Warren Tech

Necessary Documents

From every team we will need the following documents:

  • Functional Block Diagram
  • Storyboard in flowchart form
  • Abstract
  • Picture of your team

If your team is having trouble creating these documents please view the provided examples below. Remember, these documents will be viewed by many people that are learning about your project so make sure they are detailed and professional looking.

Functional Block Diagram

A functional block diagram of your experiment will have the NESI Board in the middle of the page and then draw one or two way arrows to the sensors or actuators that you need controlled by the NESI Board. The number of arrows and direction will be controlled by the type and direction of the communication with the NESI Board. Be sure to label these arrows with the communication protocols.


A story board of your experiment in flowchart form. This will be a step-by-step overview of what your experiment should do once the NESI Board is powered on. This should be designed in such a way that someone with no knowledge of you project could come in and write your code and fully understand the goal of your experiment. Be sure not to leave out any details.

NESI Examples

Here is an example of a Functional Block Diagram for the NESI Board.

Here is an example of a Storyboard from a previous years experiment.

Student Examples

Here is an example of a current teams Functional Block Diagram.

Here is an example of a current teams Storyboard.

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